Hi! You're here!

I’m Alexandra. I’m so glad you came to visit.

I'm a seasoned videographer and documentarian who specializes in creating stories out of everyday moments.

Storytelling is my passion.

Having worked as a TV-journalist for more than a decade, I have told hundreds of stories about people from all different walks of life. But nothing has been more life-changing for me than becoming a mother. As I document our son as he grows, I have realized that the everyday moments with him touch me the most. These days and years are precious and capturing them has become a passion of mine.

So with my son, my new project was born. Instead of feeding TV channels, I produce videos of the littlest subjects and the tall people they come with.

Every day with children is an adventure and I find great joy in capturing these stories with my camera.

I would love to tell your family’s story.

Alexandra, onedaybaby.me

My approach & promise.

When it comes to preserving memories, we tend to focus on milestones. But for children, every day is a miracle. I would like to help you and your family remember the simple moments in time.

My style of videography is documentary: unscripted, authentic and honest. Think of me as a friend in your house. I will be natural and easy going around you and your family to ensure the moments of your daily life are organically captured. Aside from some minor directing during my sessions, you will never hear me ask you to pose awkwardly or fake a smile.

Be yourself, that’s all you need to do.

The location of your session is up to you: I can come to your home, we can meet somewhere in the city or at your favorite family spot. I would also be very happy to join your baby’s birthday party or any other special event.